Saturday, December 19, 2009

Its Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

I am officially on Christmas Break. It has been wonderful so far. I did not get much christmas stuff done while I was working because I was so busy with work and we had many birthday parties on the weekends this past month. So, yesterday we got our christmas tree. It smells so wonderful in our house. And today we decorated it and put out all of our stockings and other christmas decorations. We have also been watching christmas movies all day. My ultimate favorite christmas movie is Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. It is hilarious. Tim and I watch it every year.

I give you the Razik Family Christmas Tree

Simon loves the christmas tree. For some reason, ever since he was a kitten, he drinks water out of the christmas tree every year and lays under the tree like he is a christmas present. This is all very funny because we got him from the shelter on December 13th nine years ago and he was a christmas present for Tim. He also likes to lay on the blankets that I put on the couch and chairs for decoration. Simba on the other hand, likes to take the candy canes off the christmas tree and eat them when we are not home. When they were really little, Simon would bat the ornaments and knock them off the tree and then Simba would chew on them when we were not home. This was when he was in his chewing phase the first few years. He doesn't do that anymore. Just likes to eat the candy canes.

Here are some photos of my little monkeys sleeping on the couch

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