Friday, June 4, 2010

Nice Long Memorial Day Weekend

Last weekend was Memorial Day Weekend which in my eyes is the kick off to summer. I had four days off and it was great. On Friday, I had a doctor's appointment and then I went to my very good friend, Anneliese's house. We hung out outside on her deck and got some sun or I should say burn, but did not realize it until much later on. We talked for hours on end. Several hours after I had been there, her son, Ryder woke up from his nap. He had a fever the night before and wasn't feeling good, so she tried to let him sleep as long as he wanted to. When he got up, he was quiet at first, but then began playing with his toys and talking. His new favorite word seems to be "no". He is growing so fast. Later on, we went out to dinner and got Mexican food. Tim came and met us for dinner. Ryder was quiet at dinner because the music was very loud. After dinner, we went back to Anneliese's house for a bit and Ryder made friends with Tim. It was really cute. He kept bringing Tim his lawn mower and showing him where the bubbles go and asking Tim to fill it up with bubbles. And when it was time for us to leave, Ryder wanted Tim to pick him up and take him with. Anneliese said that Ryder cried when we left. Here are some pics of the two of them together.

Aren't they cute? Everywhere we go kids seem to love Tim. Our neice, Hannah loves him and his Donald Duck voice. Katie, our friend Chris and Jen's daughter love Tim and she has since she was a toddler. She always wanted Tim to go play with her and he would do it and they would have lots of fun together. I know he is going to be a great dad someday.

On the baby front, in case you were wondering, we got our test results back from the fertility doctor and everything was normal. So, the doctors are not sure what is wrong. They call it unexplained fertility. Anyways, they are trying to help us get pregnant.

Saturday morning, I got up and went out to breakfast with my good friend Emily, who was visiting from Springfield. It was good to see her. Several other friends were there too. We had a good breakfast at Walker Brothers. Then I went grocery shopping which is something I haven't done in a month. We were on vacation for two weeks and then when we got back, I just kind of picked up a few essentials. So, it was a very large shopping trip with trips to several stores. Not my favorite thing to do, but it had to be done. While on my way home from grocery shopping, I discovered that my air conditioning was blowing out hot air. Tim powerwashed the deck all day. We relaxed in the evening.

On Sunday, we got up early to go take my car in and have it looked at. Only we found out that they couldn't fix it because the temperature control is messed up and apparantly only the dealer can fix it. I took a nap in the afternoon and Tim stained the deck. It is all pretty now.

On Monday, I cleaned a little and we just kind of chilled at home. We watched TV and played Mario Kart. I don't play very often, so I am not very good at Mario Kart. Tim is really good, but he plays way more often than I do. It was just for fun though. All in all, it was a nice weekend of seeing friends, doing things that needed to be done, and spending time with my hubby. My kind of weekend. Can't they all be four days long.