Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

Tim and I had a good Christmas together. It started on Wednesday which was Christmas EVE EVE. I made lots of christmas cookies and listened to christmas music. Tim watched me make the cookies and ate some. Simba ate some crumbs that were dropped on the floor. In the middle of baking my special double chocolate chip cookies, my mixer broke, so I had to go out and by a new one. It was snowing and raining and really icy out, but I made it back in one peice and finished the cookies.

On Christms Eve, I made a few more batches of cookies and wrapped all the presents. Then we all got ready to head down to the southside to see my family. We dropped Simba off at my mom's house and we headed over to my cousins' house to see my dad and his side of the family. It was good to see everyone. I only took a few pictures there.

After the party, I went to my mom's and spent the night there. I did not want to deal with driving back in the morning. The weather wasn't that great and why drive an hour back home just to turn around and come back in the morning. However, my husband decided that he wanted to go home and sleep there. So, he drove home and slept there and then turned around and drove back to the same place twelve hours later. I tried to convince him to stay, but he is very stubborn. And when he has his mind set on doing something, there is no talking him out of it. I guess that is why we argue because we are both stubborn and want to have it our way.

Anyways, I stayed up late with my mom and Simba watching TV. We were still awake when my brother came home from work (he works in a bar and he closed up) so it was like 2:30am when he came home. He and his girlfriend exchanged gifts. My little brother is growing up. This is the first girlfriend who he has introduced to the family and the longest relationship he has ever had. And he bought her some really nice christmas gifts. He gave her a Coach purse, coach change purse, and a movado watch. This is a big thing for him because he usually doesn't get anyone any gifts because he never saves his money to buy any gifts. What can I say, Candace is a good influence on him.

Christmas Day we all slept in late. My mom cooked a lovely dinner. She made Turkey breast, roast beef, mashed potatoes, carrots, stuffing, salad, rolls, and christmas cookies for dessert. I was quite lazy all day and just laid around on the couch watching TV. Me, Tim, my mom, my brother, and Simba had dinner and then opened christmas presents. Simba got to eat his very own plate of christmas dinner. The most excited one of all to open presents was Simba. He has gotten christmas presents every year since he was a puppy. I wrap them all up in wrapping paper and he opens them all by himself. He loves it and is so happy. We usually by him "babies" which are just stuffed animals. And he gets some pig ears which are his favorite. Simba usually only gets his babies once a year because he carries them around for awhile, but eventually they are all ripped up and the stuffing is all over the living room. At Christmas time, he has so many he usually doesn't know which one to play with. However, any treats or pig ears he gets he eats right away. Simba also likes to rip up all the wrapping paper that ends up on the floor from all of our presents. He only gets to do this once a year, so I let him have his fun. Here are some fun pictures of him on Christmas.




Simba had so much fun that he had paper stuck to his butt and tape on his nose. It was so cute.

He wore himself out with all the eating, opening presents, ripping up wrapping paper. Slept most of the way home.

The day after Christmas we woke up to a beautiful snow storm. I was really happy to see the snow. After having an ice and rain storm on Christmas eve and Christmas, I really wanted some snow. And since we did not have anywhere that we had to go, it was perfect. We stayed home all day and watched the snow, watched movies, had some hot chocolate, and enjoyed the tree. Simba did go outside quite a few times to play in the snow, but I did not go out there with him. Normally, I do not like snow, but around christmas it is always welcome. Some pictures from the backyard.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Its Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

I am officially on Christmas Break. It has been wonderful so far. I did not get much christmas stuff done while I was working because I was so busy with work and we had many birthday parties on the weekends this past month. So, yesterday we got our christmas tree. It smells so wonderful in our house. And today we decorated it and put out all of our stockings and other christmas decorations. We have also been watching christmas movies all day. My ultimate favorite christmas movie is Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. It is hilarious. Tim and I watch it every year.

I give you the Razik Family Christmas Tree

Simon loves the christmas tree. For some reason, ever since he was a kitten, he drinks water out of the christmas tree every year and lays under the tree like he is a christmas present. This is all very funny because we got him from the shelter on December 13th nine years ago and he was a christmas present for Tim. He also likes to lay on the blankets that I put on the couch and chairs for decoration. Simba on the other hand, likes to take the candy canes off the christmas tree and eat them when we are not home. When they were really little, Simon would bat the ornaments and knock them off the tree and then Simba would chew on them when we were not home. This was when he was in his chewing phase the first few years. He doesn't do that anymore. Just likes to eat the candy canes.

Here are some photos of my little monkeys sleeping on the couch

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas and Birthday Parties

Last weekend I had my christmas party at work. It was a nice afternoon with good food and friends. The party started off the christmas season for me. During December we have many friends and family members who have birthdays, so it can be pretty busy at times.


After the party, I went and visited with my very good friend, Anneliese and her little guy Ryder. I love Ryder so much. He is learning so much and growing so fast.


Ryder had a little bit of a cold that day.

On Saturday, we went to our neice, Hannah's 1st birthday party. She had quite the bash. She had three outfit changes and many friends and family members there for her. She had a gorgeous and very tasty cake that she seemed to enjoy. She did a very good job blowing out her candles on her birthday cake. Hannah also learned how to see Birthday the week before. Her Parents, Mark and Suna were very proud.

Mark's dad giving one of his famous speeches

Mark and Tim

Mark, Suna, and Hannah

Hannah had a good time at here party as you can probably see from the pictures. For those of you who do not know. Mark is Tim's cousin and they are extremely close. They have been ever since they were little kids. So, of course we see Mark, Suna, and Hannah often and we love Hannah so much. We were glad to be able to be a part of her first birthday. We look forward to many more birthdays to come. Happy Birthday again, Hannah!!

This weekend was my best friend, Carissa's birthday. I was not able to see her this weekend, but I hope that we will be able to get together over my christmas break. I have not seen her or her daughter, Mady for awhile. Mady is also turning one in January. I love them so much also and we do not get to see each other nearly enough. We have been friends since the sixth grade and I hope we remain friends forever. Happy Birthday Carissa!! Love ya, girl!!

We had another birthday on Saturday, which was my sister-in-law, Lisa's 30th birthday. We went out to celebrate with some family and Lisa's friends. It was a good time. Tim's cousin, Mark came out to celebrate. One of our friend's from college, Otis came out. We got to see some people that we went to high school with.

As you can probably see from the pictures we all had a good time. It felt like we were back in college because Tim, Mark, Otis, and I all went to school together. Lisa went to school with us for a year also, but then transfered her sophomore year. The Good Olde Days!! Seems like it was yesterday, but in reality we will be having our 10 year college reunion in 2010. Where does the time go.... Flies by when you are having fun.