Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Fun

It has been way too long since my last update. We were busy having lots of summer fun in June with family and friends. In fact, we were so busy that I ended up getting sick with bronchititis at the end of June and couldn't go to summerfest. Which made me really sad because we go every year. In fact we have been going every 4th of July weekend for the last nine years. It is now a tradition. I missed seeing great live music, fireworks, the beach, good food (yummy funnel cakes), and hanging out with the fam and friends. For those of you who live in Illinois or Wisconsin and have not ever been to summerfest should definitely check it out once in your lifetime. It is waaaaaaayyyyyyyy better than the taste of Chicago. In fact we have not been to the taste since we started going to summerfest. It really is that much better.

In the beginning of June we had Candance's graduation party (my brother's girlfriend) and a family picnic at Brookfield Zoo. We love Brookfield Zoo and make it a point to go every summer. This time around we did not pay too much attention to the animals. Our neice, Hannah was there with us and it was her first time really seeing the animals and being able to understand what they were. She was soooooooo cute!!!!

I had a party with my Sassy girls. My good friend, Karla was gracious enough to host at her place. We had a pool and a very nice clubhouse. Unfortunatley, the weather was not very cooperative, so the pool was not used very much. However, it was a good time with lots of laughs as always. Here are a few pics of my very good friend, Anneliese's little boy, Ryder. He had a blast with all the girls.

The next day we went to the southside to hang out with family because Tim's brother, Adam was in from California visiting. We went to a forest preserve and had a picnic and played games. It was a beautiful day. We had a lot of fun. Later on we went to Rainbow Cone (which I have not been to since I was a kid). They have fantastic Ice cream cones. I wish I lived closer to it. If you have the opportunity to try their ice cream, you will not be disappointed.

Hannah loved the water and wanted to jump in. She is talking up a storm. She knows lots of words and can put together phrases.

The following weekend, My friend, Karla and I went to the Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum concert. It was a really good show. We enjoyed it. We also got pedicures before going to the show. I was starting to feel sick the day of the concert with some sort of sinus bug. I felt better during the week, but it ended up coming back and I had an awful cough and trouble breathing. So, Tim took me to the urgent care and they gave me medicine, but it took all of my 4th of July weekend to get better.

This past week/weekend Tim and I spent a lot of time together because we were apart during summerfest. On Tuesday we had lunch and went to go see Grown Ups which was hilarious. I definitely recommend seeing it. Thursday after work, I went out with my friends, Karla and Tracy for dinner and drinks. We sat outside on the patio at the restaurant and towards the end of dinner the mosquitos came out and I got bitten like eight times. Friday I had a training for work in the morning and then went over to my friend, Anneliese's house. We hung out at her house. We tried to hang out in the backyard, but got eaten by mosquitos so we had to come in. I hate mosquitos!!!!! I still have way too many bites that itch every now and again. The worst ones are on my feet on the bone. I hate those. Anyways, Ryder is growing so fast and he is so big, I can't believe it. His hair is so blond now and he has changed so much. It is crazy how quickly they grow. Friday and Saturday, Hubby and I spent time at home together. We caught up on our shows and watched a couple of movies. Today he even went grocery shopping with me (which he usually would rather stay at home). We had fun in the car punching each other when we saw volkswagens. It sounds kind of juvenile, but it is fun!!! One thing my hubby can do for sure is make me laugh and keep me young. I love him sooooooo much!!!!!!! I did not bring my camera with me so I did not get any pics of this past week.