Monday, April 18, 2011

Living in the Moment

I have been striving to find balance in my life and heal my emotional self. I have been reading a lot and finding inspiration in quotes. A few quotes that I like and have relevance to my life are:

Slow down and enjoy life. It is all happening perfectly.

Happiness is now here.

These two have similiar messages. To live in the moment. To stop searching for or chasing happiness.

In our western society, we often feel rushed and are looking to the next thing (the weekend, the next big event) that we struggle to enjoy the moment that we are in. I have struggled with this my entire life. I was not even aware of it for many years, but I am aware now and I am trying to stay present and be in the moment.

Another reason why people struggle to be in the moment is that the are stuck in the past. They struggle with events that occured in their childhood. They want to change the past and become stuck there.

In our materalized society, we are often searching for happiness in external sources. We might think that the new house, car, wedding, baby, etc. will bring us happiness. However, material things (houses, cars, phones) only bring us joy for a short while. Then the feeling of joy is gone and we are looking for the next big thing. Happiness can only be found inside of you. Sometimes we think that we will be happy once we find the perfect guy and get married or once we have a baby, but this is simply not true. Other people cannot be your source of happiness. The phrase from Jerry McGuire "You Complete Me" is not to be taken literally. You must know who you are and be a whole complete happy person before you share your life with someone else.

Well, you probably think that I am preaching here, but this has been my experience over the last thirty three years. You may have had a very different experience and it is my blog, so I will say what I want.

I am trying to live in the moment as much as I possibly can and not worry about all the things that I have to do later on or all the things that I did not complete earlier in the day. I recommend that you try it. It is something that you have to practice and remind yourself of, but it is worth it to have those precious moments with your loved ones.

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  1. Preach is sister. haha. I truly believe everything you said. We should maximize each moment because we never know what tomorrow brings. It is hard to do sometimes. May this season of your life bring you the healing and balance you are working towards. You are always welcome to come to church with us too. It helps center me.