Sunday, January 17, 2010

End of the year/Start of A new Decade

Hello all! I am a little behind on updating my blog, but it has been busy the last couple of weeks. Our new years was quite interesting. We spent it was some great people. However, the event we went to itself was not so fabulous. We decided to go out at the last minute and I did not really feel like going out because of some things that happened before new years.

My BFF, Carissa who I went to school with since the sixth grade and have been friends with ever since. We were like sisters growing up. We were always together and spent the night at each others houses all the time. We walked to school together. She came on our family vacations. Her family was like my family and in some ways still is. Well, you see her brother, Eric died earlier that week on December 29th 2009 of liver failure. This was a shock to everyone and very disheartening because he was so young. He was only 25 years old. The wake for Eric was on New Years Day and the Funeral was the day after.

Knowing that all of that was coming, I did not feel much like going out to a new years eve party. But we went out anyways and it wasn't that great. However, Eric passing really made me put things into perspective. You see I had been feeling sorry for myself for several reasons. Asking god why he has not given me a baby that I want so very badly. Instead I should be thanking god for giving me such wonderful blessing everyday. I am very fortunate. I have a wonderful husband who treats me with respect and loves me for who I am. My family and I are healthy. My husband and I both have jobs that we like and a beautiful home. I have incredible friends. And so many other blessings that I need to be reminded of because I do easily forget.

It has been very difficult for Carissa and her family losing Eric. But as we reflect back on Eric's life, he definitely knew how to enjoy life. Eric was always happy with a big smile on his face. He loved everyone and made sure that you knew how much you loved him. He made sure that he was able to experience everything in life even if his mom told him no. He didn't let the little things in life bother him. He was and is a true role model on how to live life to the fullest. I need to take some lessons from him and enjoy all of the blessing that god has given me.

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